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What is Security Patrolling: A Comprehensive Guide

Security Patrol keep the area safe while patrolling on duty

With the rise in crime rates, ensuring safety has become more critical than ever. For instance, in Australia, nearly 60,000 personal items were stolen during burglaries, with around 45,000 instances involving money, purses, or wallets. Tools, sports equipment, and electronics like mobile phones were frequently taken from homes.

These alarming statistics highlight the importance of effective security measures. One of the key duties of security professionals is patrolling. But what exactly does patrolling involve, and how does it enhance security?

What is Patrolling in Security?

Patrolling in security means regularly monitoring an area by walking or traveling around it to spot any suspicious activity. Security guards play a vital role in maintaining the safety of various properties, including banks, private residences, and businesses. 

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Their job involves keeping a watchful eye on the premises, monitoring for signs of suspicious behavior, and preventing unauthorized access. Regular and thorough inspections help ensure the smooth and effective protection of the assigned area.

The Purpose of Security Patrolling

Security patrolling is all about ensuring safety and comfort. It is also about protecting lives and assets, and providing a sense of security to residents, businesses, and communities. 

Here are some key purposes of security patrolling:

Crime Prevention

Security patrols play a crucial role in crime prevention. By actively monitoring for any signs of suspicious or criminal activity, security guards can stop crimes before they happen. This proactive approach involves:

  • Monitoring for suspicious behavior
  • Looking out for individuals attempting unauthorized access
  • Establishing emergency procedures
  • Collaborating with law enforcement to identify potential threats
  • Building community trust through visible presence and education

These efforts help deter criminal activities and maintain a safe environment.

Detection and Response

Regular patrolling helps in detecting and responding to potential security threats. Patrolling can be conducted on foot, in vehicles, or using security technology like cameras and sensors. A well-implemented patrolling system ensures a swift response to incidents, providing peace of mind for residents and business owners.

Maintenance of Order

A visible security presence helps maintain order. Patrol officers can prevent traffic accidents and other criminal activities by being present and vigilant. Their visibility deters potential perpetrators from engaging in illegal behavior.

Gathering Information

Security patrols gather valuable information that can be used to improve security measures. By observing and reporting on suspicious activities, security guards provide data that law enforcement can use to build intelligence profiles and track criminal behavior patterns. 

This information is crucial for enhancing security strategies.

Responding to Alarms

When alarms are triggered, security patrols investigate the cause and take appropriate action. This quick response helps mitigate potential damage or harm, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Responding to Service Calls

Security patrols also handle non-emergency service calls, such as noise complaints or loitering. They assess the situation, address the issue, and escalate it to law enforcement if necessary.

Traffic Control

Security patrols play a role in traffic control by ensuring that people follow traffic rules. Their presence, along with marked vehicles and security cameras, acts as a deterrent to traffic violations and helps maintain smooth traffic flow.

Protection of Property

Regular monitoring by security patrols helps protect property from threats such as break-ins and vandalism. Their visible presence makes it harder for perpetrators to commit crimes without being detected.

Public Relations

Maintaining positive public relations is essential for effective security patrolling. Security officers should be approachable, friendly, and professional in their interactions with the public. Engaging with the community and participating in outreach programs can build trust and improve cooperation between security personnel and residents.

Emergency Response

Security patrols are often the first responders in emergencies. They are trained and equipped to handle situations like fires, natural disasters, and medical emergencies until other emergency services arrive.

Types of Patrolling

Foot Patrol

Foot patrols involve officers walking through an area to check for security incidents. This type of patrol allows officers to be more visible and approachable, providing a better understanding of the area.

foot patrol keeping the premises safe

Advantages of Foot Patrol:

  • Increased visibility and approachability
  • Better understanding of the patrolled area
  • Effective in detecting and deterring criminal activities

When to Use Foot Patrol:

  • In areas inaccessible to vehicles
  • In places needing a visible security presence, like residential areas and public parks

Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrols involve officers using vehicles to cover larger areas quickly.

Advantages of Vehicle Patrol:

  • Quick coverage of large areas
  • Effective response to incidents requiring fast action
  • Increased safety and mobility for officers

When to Use Vehicle Patrol:

  • In large areas like industrial parks or college campuses
  • In high-crime areas needing quick response times

Electronic Patrol

Electronic patrols use technology, such as CCTV cameras and GPS tracking, to monitor an area for security incidents.

Advantages of Electronic Patrol:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Coverage of large areas with minimal staff
  • Real-time information about security incidents

When to Use Electronic Patrol:

  • In areas requiring constant monitoring, like warehouses and data centers
  • In hazardous or inaccessible locations

Who Needs Patrolling?


Businesses with valuable assets or high foot traffic, like retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and banks, benefit from security patrolling to deter theft and vandalism.

Government Buildings

Government buildings contain sensitive information and valuable assets, requiring sophisticated security measures and regular patrolling.

Residential Communities

Security patrols in residential areas help create a safe living environment by monitoring for suspicious behavior, responding to incidents, and providing peace of mind to residents.

Final Thoughts

Patrolling is a crucial aspect of security, contributing significantly to safety and order. Effective patrolling involves careful planning, proper training, and the use of technology to monitor and respond to incidents.

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